Thank you!

....for being on your spiritual journey! The work (and play!) you are doing is helping to raise the frequency of the planet!

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My Spiritual Journey

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to share this space with you!

I set off on my business looking to create community for others, but I ended up creating community for myself. :)

I am so excited to be alive at this time and participate in the creation of the New Earth!

When my last big awakening hit me in the spring of 2020 I knew without a doubt that I was being called! I knew that everything I had been through had been preparing me to be a Healer that the world needed!

You see, my mother and grandmother were both practitioners of Spiritual Response Therapy - a modality using charts and a pendulum to clear past life trauma. At 5 years old I was introduced to concepts like the mind/body connection, the existence of parallel lives, past lives as angels, and so much more! 

15 years later I picked up a pendulum myself. My relationship with Spirit/High Self deepened dramatically.

I was convinced from a young age that my path was that of a performer.

I worked hard and I studied, and I was SO CONVINCED that acting was my gift to share. Like so many people, I thought I knew how my life was going to unfold.

Until I cracked. After years in Chicago and Los Angeles I realized how unhappy, unhealthy, and unbalanced I was. I realized I didn't actually like the life I had envisioned for myself, but what else was I qualified to do? I couldn't think of anything else that brought me joy, and I knew DEEP DOWN that happiness was my birthright.

I told the Universe I was ready to burn everything I thought I knew to the ground.

A few months later, it hit me like a shooting star:

I was a healer.

My mother was a healer. My grandmother was a healer.

I loved talking about spirituality! I loved learning about spirituality! And I knew I had gifts that could allow me to be of service!

At this point I had been attuned to the first two levels of Reiki, and I decided to sign up for the Level 3 Master Course.

Afterwards, I started the first iteration of my business transmitting Reiki to people and animals. Faith Streng Healing continued to evolve until I recognized my niche was in the past life healing I had been introduced to as a child. 

Now I combine Akashic healing, chakra balancing, channeling and coaching into 1:1 Restorative Spirit Programming sessions. I also host the 4-week Cosmic Joy Club on a regular basis and teach classes with Bene Mudra Wellness! I continue to live in LA with my jazz drummer husband and several happy plants. When I'm not working I am usually traveling, meditating, picking up a good paint-by-number, reading or talking to the fairies.