Faith Streng Healing : Faith is a third generation lightworker who uses clairvoyance, channeling, and energy healing for a whole- system, joyful, and vibration- raising experience! On this site you can learn more about her work, purchase merch, book sessi

Welcome to Faith’s Cosmic Shoppe!

Since 2019, Faith has been coaching, channeling, and facilitating healing for old souls across the globe!

Now, Faith has released a line of physical products designed to empower, uplift, and inspire you in your own self-healing journey!

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Calling all Angel Babies!

Faith has been known to affectionately refer to her celestial guides as well as her online tribe as “Angel Babies”. If you’re one of Faith’s Angel Babies, or if you want to explore you relationship with your own high frequency guardians, be sure to check out the “Angel Babies” merch!


    Just for today, I will breathe and receive.
    I am so grateful for this journey.


    I deserve everything that is good for me. I deserve peace, light, safety, happiness, and abundance!


    Accept that you are worthy of every blessing you have manifested.

    Recieve, recieve, recieve!


    Bathe in gratitude and soak up all of the light and fuzzy goodness this universe has to offer!